Vehicle Extrication Technician Level Training

Hello WAMAA members,

The Washtenaw Area Mutual Aid Association, in cooperation with Fiat-Chrysler Automotive, is sponsoring a 2-day vehicle extrication training program which will be held at FCA Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan.  The potentially grant funded program will provide a unique training opportunity for firefighters to learn about the latest vehicle construction technologies and how they relate to emergency operations such as patient care and disentanglement.  This training is for all members that want to learn more about the newest obstacles associated with vehicle construction – and solutions for them.  EMS Continuing Education credits will also be provided.

Class times are:

Friday November 2nd, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm 

Saturday November 3rd, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

This training is limited to 24 members so please sign-up early.  This class will fill up fast.

Please register by October 5th.  To register you must email your name, SMOKE PIN number, and department affiliation to Fire Chief Mark Nicholai.  (Contact your chief or training officer if you do not know your SMOKE PIN number prior to emailing Chief Nicholai).

See attached flyer for full details.

WAMAA 2018 CH Vehicle Extrication Flyer


Rescue Task Force Training

Hello WAMAA members,

Below are dates and locations for upcoming Rescue Task Force trainings.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rescue Task Force (RTF) operations, it is a national program that has the purpose of “embracing a more assertive approach to rendering life-saving care and rescuing viable victims in areas considered to be “warm zones” (not fully secured) during [an active violence] event.”

With the increase of active violence incidents (school shootings, terror attacks, etc.) fire and EMS personnel had to confront a major issue.  It was found that many victims of these incidents had a very good chance of survival if care was rendered as soon as possible – as is the case with any trauma.  But these incidents are unique in that scene safety cannot be immediately assured.  In fact calling an area “clear” and safe for fire and EMS personnel to enter could take a significant amount of time, in essence loosing viable victims.

The Rescue Task Force has the purpose of saving lives in these situations.  It is a cooperative effort with law enforcement that provides maximum safety to fire/EMS personnel and allows for the literal stoppage of bleeding and mass survivability.


Upcoming RTF trainings…

Date: March 14th 0800 – 1200 or 1200 – 1600

Location: Manchester Middle School

710 E Main St.

Manchester MI, 48158


Date: March 16th 0800 – 1200 or 1200 – 1600

Location: Manchester Middle School

710 E Main St.

Manchester MI, 48158


Date: March 24th 0800 – 1200

Location: Saline Middle School

7190 N Maple

Saline MI, 48176


Contact Capt. Jeff Foulke to register or with any questions you may have.

WAMAA EMT Basic Class

Hello WAMAA members,

An EMT Basic class will be run from February 19th to June 16th.  Classes well be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 1800 – 2200, and Saturdays form 0800 – 1600 at Pittsfield Township’s Fire Station One.

The cost of this class is covered by the Washtenaw County Fireworks Training Fund.

To register please fill out the attached form and sign up through the state’s SMOKE website. Registration is open until January 15th.

Questions may be directed to Russ Girbach.

WAMAA EMT Flyer 2018




Critical Incident Causality Management

Hello WAMAA Members,

A Critical Incident Causality Management Course is being offered to all first responders on November 6th and December 4th at Washtenaw County Community College.

This MCOLES approved multi-media based training program focuses on enhancing the likelihood of both survival and domination in the unfortunate occurrence of violent encounters. Based on the military’s combat proven Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and the civilian translation of TCCC, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, this is highly valuable training for all first responders and command staff.

Participants will learn methods on how to react if you, your partner or a teammate is injured as well as be instructed to recognize and treat most common causes of potentially preventable death in the tactical environment. There will be an emphasis on self-aid and buddy-aid so officers can manage injuries to themselves and their partners. The program prioritizes life saving medical care with tactical considerations to encourage officers to remain engaged, end the threat, and minimize further injury and loss of life.

Please see the attached flyer for further details and registration info.

Critical Incident Casualty Management Flyer

Propane IQ Training

Hello WAMAA members,

On September 20th and 21st there will be a hazmat tactics training at Pittsfield’s Station 1.

Both days are 0800 to 1600 and include hands on training.  Please bring your turnout gear.

See the attached flyer with further details and registration instructions.

Propane IQ Flyer 2017

Fire Officer III Training Program

Hello WAMAA Members,

A Fire Officer 3 Program will be held this August through September.   This course is funded by the Fireworks Safety Fund and is no cost to WAMAA agencies.

Dates, times, and details can be found on the attached flyer.

Registration is done via the Smoke website –

If you have any questions about the training or registering please contact Ernie Close


WAMAA Fire Officer III 2017 Flyer

EMS Continuing Education Practical Day

September 16th, 2017 8:00am to 5:00pm – Ann Arbor Township Fire Station #2

8 Practical CEU’s


This one-day, 8-hour course is being offered FREE and is designed to specifically focus on topics relevant to fire suppression personnel, ie. burn care, fireground trauma and medical, rescue operations of pediatrics and geriatrics, etc. It will additionally provide training to assist fire departments in complying with the practical Continuing Education Unit requirements of Michigan Public Act 368 of 1978, Part 209 – Section 333.20901 – Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensing.

This course will provide an interactive educational session employing the use of live patient simulators to meet and satisfy the practical requirements in airway/ventilation, medical, trauma, pediatrics and special considerations by utilizing the most modern and nationally accepted approach to patient care.

This class can accommodate up to 32 firefighters. The participants will receive a training certificate, EMS Chit sheet, and supporting educational documentation. The instructors are experienced EMS Instructor Coordinators and fire service certified instructors to better understand the complexities of fire based EMS.

Registration flyer is attached HERE.  Deadline to register is September 8th, 2017

ICS-300 and ICS-400 Course Opportunities

Hello WAMAA Members,

An ICS-300 course, happening on June 19-21, and an ICS-400 course happening on June 22-23 will both be held at the Wayne County Community College District – MIPSE Center in Taylor.  Both session have a lot of availability and thanks to The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, these sessions are open to all disciplines at NO COST.

Instructions for registration can be found here.

Company Officer 1 and 2 Program

Hello WAMAA members,

Through June and July there will be a Company Officer 1 and 2 program held in Ann Arbor Township.

Course Description:
The purpose of the Fire Officer I course is to provide entry-level fire officers with the knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements for paid and volunteer fire officers.   Fire Officer I candidates must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to function safely and effectively as an integral member of a firefighter team.  When engaged in hazardous activities, the Fire Officer I work under direct supervision of a senior company officer and as a team leader.    The purpose of the Fire Officer II course is to provide officers at the second level of progression with the knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements for paid and volunteer fire officers.  Fire Officer II candidates must demonstrate the depth of knowledge and skills necessary to function under general supervision.  A person trained at the Fire Officer II level will function safely and effectively as an integral member of a team of equally or less experienced firefighters to accomplish a series of tasks.    This is a combined Fire Officer I & II program and will not be separated.    The Company Officer I & II program provides insight into the role of the officer as defined by   NFPA 1021, the Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.

Please check the attached flyer for prerequisites, dates, and registration info.


Company Officer I & II WAMAA 2017 Flyer

Fire Instructor 1 Program

Hello WAMAA members,

There will be a Fire Instructor One program occurring in June.

The Michigan Fire Instructor-I program utilized the NFPA 1041 standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Service Instructors as it’s guide.  All sections of this program comply with NFPA 1041 standard for Instructor I.
This is a five (5) day course.  Attendance at each class session is mandatory.  A large amount of information will be missed and can’t be made up.  Prior to the first day of class, you are required to read Chapters 1-9 in the IFSTA, Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 8th Edition.  In addition, you must complete the study guide (Chapters 1 thru 9) workbook that goes with this IFSTA manual and turn it in on Day 1 for review.
Minimum Requirements for INSTRUCTOR I Probationary Applicant:

  • Must be a member, or have been a member, with the last five years of an organized Michigan fire department
  • Must possess Fire Fighter I and II certification
  • Must complete FFTD Instructor Orientation class since 2009.  This course may be completed after the Instructor I program
  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years firefighting experience at the time of application and be certified at the level/course they wish to instruct.  (Minimum Fire Fighter II or at least one (1) of the wild land specialty/subject matter expert courses.)


See the attached flyer for more details and registration inf0.


Instructor One WAMAA 2017 Flyer

MFFTC Instructor Orientation

MFFTC Instructor Orientation – May 10th, 2017 in Northfield Township.

This course covers MFFTC Structure and Services and OFFT Administrative Policies and Procedures, which an instructor must be knowledgeable in. This segment will provide an understanding of the course structure and materials that will be used during the course presentation and practical skills training.

See flyer below for more details

WAMAA Instructor Orientation Flyer

Fire Officer 1 and 2 Co-Requisites Program

Hello WAMAA Members!

A Fire Officer 1 and 2 Co-Requisites program is being held in Northfield Township from to March to May.  The courses are…

  • Education Methodology
  • Incident Command System and Rescue Management
  • Firefighting Strategies and Tactics
  • Incident Safety Officer

The program’s flyer is attached below with all the details and instructions on how to sign up.

2017 – WAMAA Company Officer Prerequisites Flyer

Instructor Level Training Opportunities

Hello WAMAA Members,

There are some great instructor level trainings being offered to us.  The flyers with all the details for each class are attached below.  Check them out!

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training – Instructor Level
Emergency Services UTA/ATV Safety – Instructor Level
Emergency Services Trailer Operations and Safety – Instructor Level
Traffic Incident Management for Emergency Responders (SHRP2 Equivalent) – Instructor Level