Hello WAMAA members,

There will be a Fire Instructor One program occurring in June.

The Michigan Fire Instructor-I program utilized the NFPA 1041 standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Service Instructors as it’s guide.  All sections of this program comply with NFPA 1041 standard for Instructor I.
This is a five (5) day course.  Attendance at each class session is mandatory.  A large amount of information will be missed and can’t be made up.  Prior to the first day of class, you are required to read Chapters 1-9 in the IFSTA, Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 8th Edition.  In addition, you must complete the study guide (Chapters 1 thru 9) workbook that goes with this IFSTA manual and turn it in on Day 1 for review.
Minimum Requirements for INSTRUCTOR I Probationary Applicant:

  • Must be a member, or have been a member, with the last five years of an organized Michigan fire department
  • Must possess Fire Fighter I and II certification
  • Must complete FFTD Instructor Orientation class since 2009.  This course may be completed after the Instructor I program
  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years firefighting experience at the time of application and be certified at the level/course they wish to instruct.  (Minimum Fire Fighter II or at least one (1) of the wild land specialty/subject matter expert courses.)


See the attached flyer for more details and registration inf0.


Instructor One WAMAA 2017 Flyer

Ryan from Pittsfield